August 7th – 23rd: Asian Hot Shots onTour in India

Dear Asian film lovers & green chilies,

we are happy to announce that in cooperation with Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute) a selection of our programme will go on tour in India!

Indo-German filmmaker Krishna Saraswati will be on tour to show his award winning first feature-length documentary “The Legend of Shiva and Parvati”. And Tina Lange, co-director and South Asian programmer of the festival, will present a selection of Shorts.

For details check out the local Max Mueller Bhavan schedule or website, or contact Teena Lange on facebook.
Make sure you don’t miss it and tell all your friends:)

filmstill Shiva und Parvati

“The Legend of Shiva and Parvati” (Krishna Saraswati)
August 7th in Chennai
9th in Ahmedabad (NID)
12th in Kolkata (MMB)
13th in Hyderabad (MMB)
17th in New Delhi (MMB)
19th in Pune (MMB)
20th in Mumbai (MMB)
23rd in Trivandrum (MMB)

“Asian Hot Shots – Mixed Shorts” (Tina Lange)
10th Shorts in Ahmedabad (NID)
17th in New Delhi (MMB) (with filmmakers)
19th Shorts in Mumbai (MMB) (with filmmakers)
22nd Shorts in Trivandrum (MMB)

Check here also for details:

Wish you a hot and spicy screening, enjoy!
the green chilies.


2 responses

  1. teena

    The Screening in Pune got cancelled because of some swine flu panic ban… what a pity!

    August 18, 2009 at 7:52 am

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