Asian Hot Shots: Indonesian Cinema

Asian Hot Shots has started a book series in cooperation with Schüren Verlag. The first edition, edited by Yvonne Michalik and Laura Coppens,  gives an introduction to Indonesian cinema, which was the festival’s country in focus in 2009.

Indonesia is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. A unique cultural diversity has developed on its countless islands – yet the Western world knows surprisingly little about Indonesian culture. In particular, hardly anything is known about Indonesian film, which, as social seismograph, has the potential to communicate the views specific to this culture to the rest of the world.

This book, with its contributions from renowned Australian, Dutch, German and Indonesian film experts, closes a gap by introducing this Asian film culture, which is increasingly gaining importance on an international level. Personal and biographical backgrounds are illuminated by interviews with the filmmakers themselves, in which they discuss their movies and offer insights into their viewpoints. By providing a multitude of perspectives, the book offers its readers access to this previously foreign film culture.

Articles by Jeanne Berrenberg, Laura Coppens, David Hannan, Barbara Hatley, Katinka van Heeren, Yvonne Michalik, Christian Sazukas, Dahlia Gratia Setiyawan and Satrya Wibawa.

Supported by Goethe Institut Jakarta.

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