South Korean Film Night, 5 August, 22:30pm @ Moviemento

Warm Up Event for the 4. ASIAN HOT SHOTS BERLIN 2011 in attendance of the filmmakers.

Kino Moviemento
Kottbusser Damm 22
U8 Schönleinstr./Hermannplatz
22h30 on Friday 5th August 2011

Best selection – List of films (73min) – new films and films from the last 3 festivals:
Cloudy Rainy
by Arum Kwon
(South Korea 2006, 6min)

A cool friend in hot summer.

Dance For Night
by Saebom KIM (attending)
(South Korea 2010, 21min)

Donghee, who feels guilty of her twin brother’s death, is trying to put on brother’s clothes. By chance she meets another boy.

Sugar Coated Film
by Seo Won-Tae und Michiko Takahashi
(South Korea/Japan/USA 2008, 10min)

Found footage images reflect the personal memories of the filmmakers, and comment on the history of the Western Avantgarde films.

Das Pflanzen
by Seung-il Chung
(D 2007 4min)

Why is the act of planting Spaghettis in a lake in Germany so bizarre?

A Wonderful Life in Paris
by Park Sung-mi
(South Korea/France 2007, 10min)

A young Korean singer dreams to be a star on the streets of Paris.

by Ru Kyung-rok CHUNG (attending)
(South Korea 2008, 22min)

A stranger comes to the last city at the end of the world, ‘U-sa’ means cowhouse but is actually the enormous slaughterhouse for cannibal, and there is “the Absolute Master.”


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