Adriyanto Dewo’s Impressions:

Adrianto Dewo, Regisseur des indonesischen Kurzfilms Song of the Silent Heroes (2010), ist zum ersten Mal in Europa. Wir freuen uns sehr, sein Werk im Rahmen des Kurzfilmprogramms Q! Shorts zu präsentieren und sind schon total gespannt auf seine ersten Eindrücke von Berlin und dem Asian Hot Shots Berlin Festival.

Adrianto Dewo, the director of the Indonesian short film Song of the Silent Heroes (2010) visits Europe for the first time. We are very proud to present his work as part of the short film-selection Q! Shorts and are quite excited about his first impressions of Berlin and the Asian Hot Shots Berlin Festival.

Q! Shorts, Sunday 11.09.2011, 22:15, Moviemento



1. My most memorable Berlin moment:

…First step outside airport, 1st time in europe 🙂

2. Essential items of clothing I will pack for Berlin:

…My black leather jacket

3. First place I’ll check out after my plane lands:

…My Gudang Garam and Dji Sam Soe (id. Zigarettenmarke) in my pocket

4. I really hope I have time for sightseeing at these places:

…Potsdam Film School & Film Museum

5. Best German film I’ve seen (and can actually remember):

…The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

6. When I tire of museums, I’ll be doing this:

…Find Berlin’s Underground club parties 🙂

7. German foods I want to try:

…Anything from pork meat

8. What I want to accomplish at AHSB:

…Meet with and greet other filmmakers across Asia


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