Sofia Setyorini’s impressions:

Sofia Setyorini is from Indonesia, did an internship with Asian Hot Shots Berlin in 2009 and curated the ScreenDocs! this year.

1. My most memorable Berlin moment:

My internship at AHSB in 2009, my most memorable in my life. The best moment in my life, nothing compare.

2. Essential items of  clothing i will pack for Berlin:


3. First place I’ll check out after my plane lands:

I won’t check out places, but i will meet all my lovely friends that i met here, then looking for Turkish restaurant to find rice.

4. I really hope i have time for sightseeing at these places:


5. Best German film I’ve seen (and can actually remember):

A lot actually, but i like Fatih Akin’s film.

6. When  I tire of museums, i’ll be doing this:

Photo session.

7. German foods i want to try:


8. What i want to accomplish at AHSB:

People are getting to know about Indonesian films.

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