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Experimental Shorts | Sun 11.9. > 17:45

Üblicherweise befahren Schiffe die Weltmeere, um an entfernten Orten Häfen anzusteuern, wo sie Waren löschen und neue an Bord nehmen. Filme tun in etwa das gleiche. Im Film sind Zeit und Raum einander gleich, indem sie denselben Auftrieb erzeugen, der Bilder an die Oberfläche hebt und uns auf der Leinwand vorstellt. So verfremden sie die Wirklichkeit des nur Gewöhnlichen. In diesem Programm aus experimentellen Kurzfilmen aus Asien erhält das Reisen eine neue, faszinierende Bedeutung. Ausgestattet mit einer gehörigen Portion Wanderlust und anderen nützlichen Dingen (Suitcase), entdecken sie uns die Welt hinter den Erscheinungen – oder deren Kehrseite (Performing Naturalness). Hier wird ein Ausbruch möglich aus den engen Zellen des Alltags (2 Men in a Room), und wir lernen einen anderen Begriff von Warenaustausch kennen. Es bieten sich alternative Bilder an, die voller Seh-Abenteuer stecken (Amusement and Spectacle) – und Altbekanntes erscheint in neuer Form.

Ships travel the seas around the world; then they come into port to deliver their load and carry new goods elsewhere. Films can do the same – with a difference. In the medium of film, time and space share the same buoyancy and in the unique ways in which they combine they lift images to the surface of the screen. The things they show us may look familiar but puzzling at the same time. Our selection of experimental short films from across Asia presents fascinating approaches to the idea of travelling. If you are plagued by never-ending “Wanderlust”, the items contained in this “Suitcase” will give fresh meaning to common goods. As these short films are “Performing Naturalness”, you are invited to escape the dead-lock situation of “2 Men in a Room” and go on a wondrous voyage filled with “Amusement and Spectacle”. At the end of the day, these short films offer new interpretations of the concept of transhipment and give alternative readings to age-old ideas.

Delicate Factory
Indonesia 2009 | Ari Rusyadi | 10 min, no dialogue

The making of dodol, a traditional delicacy in Indonesia, in two different ways.

2 Men in a Room
Singapore 2010 | Manoj Prabhoda Chandran | 8 min | OmeU

After a botched coup, gangsters R and F have scores to settle. Luckily, there’s a prophecy and a gun between them to simplify the matter. With minimal props and dialogue, this short film explores the mechanics of senseless beginnings and the games people play.

Amusement and Spectacle
Indonesia 2011 | Rizki Lazuardi | 3 min | OmeU

Two different places. Two tourist attractions. One was-abandoned building. Two different decades. One reel of found footage. Two reels of recently exposed. All combined in a triptych. An experimental documentary about tourist attractions in city named Semarang and easily-bored-habits. 

Man Eats Rock
India 2011 | Munir Kabani, Nikhil Chopra | 22min

Man Eats Rock – a 22 minute video is set in 3 worlds or is treated as 3 vignettes. In these worlds we look at drawing and film as a means of record making to talk about the function of representation. The video attempts to question our place on this planet, as we get subsumed by our need and desire to consume.

South Korea 2009 | Woori CHO | 2 min, no dialogue

The suitcase has been with me from California, New York,  back to California, to Mexico, to New York again, and then finally back home  in Korea after the long trip for one year and a half.

Die Ernte/ The Harvest
Germany 2011 | 11 min | no dialogue

The video “The Harvest” is from my last installation “point – line – plane” emerged. In the video, I harvest the spaghetti, which are planted in the kind of rice. While I reap, I leave behind a drawing. It shows a cultural transfer from Asia to Europe.

Kyoto Mix: Go West Go East
Japan 2008 | Maya Yonesho | 8 min | no dialogue

Welcome to this unique transforming view of Kyoto, Japan.

Singapore 2009 | Daniel Hui | 5 min | OmeU

Railroad tracks, impressions of a landscape and the city; the passage of time and two lovers asleep in each other’s arms. The elements of a journey, of every journey, are sparse; they show very little. But they tell an epic: the stories of life and film moving along on parallel tracks.

Performing Naturalness
Philippines 2008 | 3 min | OmeU

Living for about four years in Japan, one Filipina has grown quite tired of the “random” questioning of the immigration police who inquire about her visa status. One day, she gets off at Shinagawa train station (the stop closest to the city’s busiest immigration office) to conduct a small social experiment.

Holy Father
Indonesia 2008 | Rizki Lazuardi | 1 min | no dialogue

Mother nature has changed the map of the coast line. Thus, there comes the holy father. This is a performative response on the natural pheneomenon in a public space. 

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